Are you thinking of having a website designed and developed for your personal use, business or company? You’ve heard of WordPress and how easy it is to use and you’re thinking of settling with the Content Management System platform to build your website. WordPress is cool, easy to use and everybody seems to like the CMS platform but it has a lot of downfalls. These downfalls might not be evident in the initial stages of using your website but would surely affect your website on the long-run. Here are reasons why you should not use WordPress to build your website for your business or company. WordPress plugins can cause your website to break incessantly. WordPress plugins are coded by third-part developers and placed on the WordPress plugin catalogue for usage in WordPress Websites. These plugins increase functionality in a WordPress Website but can also cause a website to fail. Once you get a WordPress Website up and running and install plugins, your website can fail easily due to a lot of factors. Plugins can conflict with others. They can also fail if not updated at the right time. WordPress powers about 25% of the internet. About 21 million Websites currently use the WordPress platform which makes them vulnerable to hackers. If a hacker is able to bypass the security of one WordPress Website, it poses as a threat to every other WordPress Website. You can avoid this by using a Professional Website Design and Development company for your website design project. To design a WordPress Website, you will have to pick a theme from the WordPress theme catalogue and probably use a design that thousands of other websites in the world are using. This defeats the purpose of website originality. If you’re looking for a stand-out and unique website design, then WordPress should be your last option for that. You need a web developer that would deliver a bespoke design according to your specifications rather than using templates. WordPress releases a software update every three months which means you have to keep updating your website to stay up to date. To do this, you’ll require the services of someone who has technical knowledge in WordPress Website Development and you’ll definitely pay for the service rendered which makes you loose money unnecessarily. More importantly, there is a good probability that every update tends to affect the website negatively. Your website might start breaking or plugins can also start conflicting once you update your WordPress Website. You need a professional web developer! With SEO in mind, website speed is proven to be a pivotal factor that determines how well a website would rank in search engines. If your website loads more quickly, then users would not hesitate in visiting your website over and over again giving your website a good user experience. WordPress Websites need a lot of plugins for increased functionality and this tends to slow the loading speeds of your WordPress Website. This factor alone can hinder your WordPress Website from ranking well in search engines even after applying necessary SEO strategies. You really need a professional web developer! In conclusion, I’m not saying WordPress isn’t a good web development platform. It is simple and great for personal use but if you’re looking to give your business or company a space on the internet, going for a professional web developer is undoubtedly your best bet. Don’t settle for a mediocre website with over-used template, grave security issues, sluggish website loading speed and plugins that would compromise the functionality of your website giving your website problems on the long-run. You can avoid all these issues by starting your website with a professional website design and development company like MCKODEV. Our prices are affordable without compromising website quality. Get in touch with us today!
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