This Privacy and Threat Assessment Policy (“Policy”) for Mckodev Tech Lab hereinafter referred to as Mckodev, (together with and any other documents referred to therein) sets out the basis on which the personal data collected from you, or that you provide to US will be processed by Us when you access any of our services, or where we enter into any other business relationship with you. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how We will treat it.

  1. What we do
  2. Mckodev Tech Lab is a tech startup and we own a chain of businesses that are inter-connected and function at different pace and for various purposes projected towards a common goal which is to create a seamless experience for our clients and users. The start-up has a number of divisions functioning at the moment which include:

    • Admin Data Management Console (ADMC)
    • Board Speck
    • Digimart
    • Website Marketplace
    • Mckodev Virtual Class

    In all of these subdivisions of Mckodev, we obtain information from users and clients, it is pertinent to understand that data is needed and the purpose of this data privacy policy includes how the details of the use of data collected, how it is processed, protected, stored, retained or deleted. The need for ensuring data policy cannot be understated in the tech-dominated world. At this time, it can be confirmed that Mckodev Tech Lab does not share data or information with third parties. Also, we have formulated a data privacy policy for the staff of the company, by which they are bound within their conduct of business, which signals that your data is safe with us.

  3. What kind of data do we collect?
  4. As stated above, the start-up relies on the information supplied to provide services needed. For instance, websites developed for clients and the database. We rely on the information provided, passwords inputted, which is encrypted. We make use of cookies to personalise your use of websites for a better experience.

  5. Purpose of Data Collection
  6. As aforementioned, the need for data collection at our start-up is propelled by the primary need to process data for clients and data subjects. However, the purpose of data collection does not include wrong processing of data, the purpose of data collection does not include sharing without consent, we ensure to seek your permission before your data is processed.

  7. Data Sharing
  8. At Mckodev Tech lab, we have a strict policy towards sharing the data of our users, which indicates that your data is entirely safe with us. As earlier stated, our staff is bound by the policy which creates a framework against data sharing with third parties without consent. In instances where it is required that your data is shared with a third party for optimum delivery, be rest assured that you would not be left out in the process, as your consent will be duly secured before such action is taken.

  9. Need for data sharing
  10. As explicitly stated, data sharing is at times needed for the performance of the start-up towards if there is a need for data sharing, we shall reach out to seek consent for proper data allocation. And also, if data is to be shared, your data cannot be shared with fraudulent third parties.

  11. Data Retention
  12. By our data policy framework, we do not retain information that is not needed. Personal data that is no longer in use shall be deleted and removed from the database of our company. This is done to ensure that we do not hold information that is not needed, so as to not run the risk of data intrusion.

  13. Users Rights
  14. As users of the start-up’s services, you have a plethora of rights when data privacy is concerned. These are the privacy rights that we offer:

    • Right to know what personal data is being collected:
    • As users, you have the right to know what personal data is being collected and stored and how it is processed.

    • Right to gain access to your personal data:
    • You have the right to gain access to your personal data that has been collected by us and we are willing to grant you that access. Contact details will be provided at later parts of this document.

    • Right to process your information accurately:
    • You are entitled to having your information correctly and accurately processed. We process your data and we owe you the right to process your data accurately as we are charged with and we will not fail at that.

    • Right to grant consent:
    • For every information needed, you have the right to grant consent for the collection of your data.

    • Information of the Data Protection Officer:
    • You have rights to be provided the contact of the data privacy officer of our start-up. The data privacy officer is the professional who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that we comply with the rules of data privacy.

    • Information towards the period of data retention and storage:
    • You have the right to be provided the information that states the period of time that your data is stored for. This is done in accordance with the provisions of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulations which equips you with the right to have this information without being withheld.

    • Right to delete your data from our database:
    • You have reserved rights to request that your data is expunged from our database, if you feel there is any need to not have your data with us, you can request to have it removed.

  15. Security Measures
  16. At the moment, every password you input on every part of our network is encrypted. Our approach towards having a data privacy compliant workspace includes having sensitive information provided encrypted, this will provide more security for your data which bolsters safety.

  17. Changes to Policy
  18. The details of this privacy policy are spurred by the provisions of the governing legislations for data privacy in the country, and if there are any changes to our data privacy policy, this document will be updated, and you will be duly informed.

  19. Contact Information
  20. All questions, comments, and requests enabled in this privacy policy should be directed to

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