• 2020-04-04 at 11:33:49

One of the most important things a business needs to thrive is a strong online presence. Yeah! Your business needs a website. Still not convinced of having a website for your business, check out this post "Do I Need A Website?"
Basically, A website is a collection of web pages related to each by web links. You have a website already and you’re confused of which pages to include in your website. Worry no more! I have compiled a list of five essential pages your website must contain for it to be professional and help your brand/business stand out. Let’s take a look.
1. Home Page: This page represents the front door to your website. It would likely be the most viewed page on your website. Since this page would be seen by almost every eye on your website, you have to give it a classy look with the right content, eye-catching visuals and well-placed navigation links to the rest of your website. You don’t want your visitor (and potential customer) leaving your site after few seconds of landing on your home page. Take care of your home page and you’re surely leaving a good, long-lasting impression on every visitor to your site.
2. About Us Page: As the name implies, the page tells your visitor what you / your business is all about explicitly. The page should include the following but not limited to business profile, business history (make it brief), business accomplishments and customer testimonials.
3. Products/Services: Your product and service offered by your business is described to your prospective customer in detail on this page. “The more you tell, the more you sell”. Give them every bit of information, so they can be self-convinced and trust your solution to their problem.
4. Blog page: Having a blog is a good way to connect and keep in touch with potential customers. Here, you share knowledge in different topics about your business niche. Good blog content can accelerate the growth of your business by establishing you as an authority in that niche or industry. Be consistent! Try to post more frequently. Visitors would keep coming to your blog for more if your it is regularly updated with rich content.
5. Contact Us Page: A contact page gives your visitor a way to get in touch with you. Here you can include your business physical location (with the aid of google map if possible), links to your business social media accounts and possibly, an email contact form. The best practice is to offer your visitor various means to contact you and let them decide the one that suit their convenience.
Now that you know the essential pages to include on your website, it is time to take action and start that website you’ve always dreamed of. If you’d like to work with a professional web developer for your website project, McKodev is here and always here for you. Click HERE to choose from our business packages.